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Deliverable 7.1


Dissemination and standardization report

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Executive summary:

The BProfEM project was presented at four national and international events during the last three years:

In addition, the project results were published in the proceedings of eight international scientific conferences:

Further, main outcomes of the project will also be addressed by an invited talk at the IEEE International Conference on Future IoT Technologies (Future IoT) to be held on January 18-19, 2018 in Eger, Hungary (
A contribution to traditional standardization turned out to be not relevant for BProfEM. In fact, approved existing technologies were reused to form the central semantic abstraction layer in order to decouple standardized technologies from the high-level application scenarios of BProfEM. On the other hand, disclosure and publication of the results regarding the semantically enriched information model in form of an OWL ontology enable future reuse of the ontology.