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Deliverable 2.2


Interface concept based on Semantic Web technologies including mapping concept to existing technologies

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Executive summary:

The aim of this document is to describe the interface concept for BProfEM based on Semantic Web technologies and its mapping to existing technologies.
The BProfEM interface concept defines the communication between the semantic integration layer and the connectors to external systems. In order to provide semantically enriched communication as well as independence of various external systems in the fields of building automation, smart grid, or other service providers, a message interface based on WebSockets and Semantic Web technologies is introduced. The document contains descriptions of the interface architecture including the semantic integration layer and the connectors to external systems, the message structure and types, status codes as well as regular interaction scenarios, like the registration of a technology connector or the exchange of new data values. The developed interface specification is published in the open-source project "Colibri".
A conceptual mapping of the interface concept for the communication between external technologies and the semantic integration layer via technology connectors to relevant state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of building automation and smart grid is also specified. Mappings to OASIS OBIX, OASIS Energy Interoperation, KNX, and OpenMUC as representatives for state-of-the-art technologies are presented.
The interface specification between the energy management system information model described in Deliverable 2.1 and external systems as well as the mapping to state-of-the-art technologies are the main results summarized in this deliverable.