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Deliverable 2.1


Semantic energy management system model report

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Executive summary:

The aim of this document is to describe the energy management system information model. In order to give an overview, the development process and the main results are summarized in this deliverable.
Based on the requirements specified in work package 1, the relevant fields of interest including home and building automation, smart grid technologies, user comfort requirements as well as energy relevant concepts were studied in order to identify necessary concepts and taxonomy for a semantic information model. Then, these concepts were merged and refined eliminating ambiguities and inconsistency. Subsequently, an OWL ontology was implemented covering all necessary elements to support pattern detection and optimization.
The development of the OWL ontology has been executed in parallel to the integration of existing meta-models. With the focus on the already mentioned domains, available ontologies from previous projects and open vocabularies of the Semantic Web were assessed in accordance to their applicability and usability in the BProfEM ontology. Most promising ontologies and information models of building, energy, process, environment, and building resource domain were selected to be reused or at least linked to BProfEM ontology. Nevertheless, the BProfEM ontology was built from scratch without using one of the identified ontologies as primary basis.
The BProfEM ontology representing the energy management system information model is used to describe the integration of building automation resources and external agents (e.g. energy retailers) into building structures and contexts by means of the main elements energy, data, and services.